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Noida, November 7th&8th, 2020: Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation hosted a virtual conference i.e. WBLC 2020, for women across the world, from different fraternities to discuss the Impact of Women Entrepreneurs in economic development. WIEF is a platform that supports, encourages, and inspires women to change the world around them, make a difference with their ideas, leadership, and give solutions that have never been given.

With the Women Business and Leadership Conference 2020, we heard about the journey of dynamic Women who have set benchmarks in their chosen areas.

The 2-Day Conference was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Shri Suresh PrabhuJi, India’s Sherpa to G20/G7, Member of Parliament, Shri PratapSarangiJi, Minister of State MSME GOI, Shri Kapil Dev Aggarwal, Minister of Skill Development, Uttar Pradesh, and Dr. Shweta Singh, Chairperson WIEF, who aims to empower women. Speaking at the conference, Dr. Shweta Singh said, “Every woman should be Financially Independent and every woman has her strengths.”

To grace the Conference we had special Guests and Guest of Honor. Ms. Anita Gupta -Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department of Science and Technology, GOI, said, “Extraordinary Situations need extraordinary responses” adding to this another Guest of Honor of the conference Ms. PreetiJhangiani, Bollywood Actress, and Film ProduceDirector of Swen Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., said, “Women don’t just need emotional and financial support, they also need the active participation of men, they want men in their lives to come forward and take equal responsibilities.”

Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor Sanskriti University, also graced WBLC 2020 by his presence as the Guest of Honor. “We need to empower women in the rural areas, all they need is a little push”, said, Mr. Sachin Gupta. While speaking on the topic of Moving from Women Development towards Women-led Development, Ms.Rajashree Rao, Head of Al Innovation Hub Rolls Royce, said, “Empowerment is the most abused word, because empowerment is not something that someone can give it to you outside, you need to empower yourself. How will you do it? You don’t have to prove anything to anyone in this world, just prove to yourself that you’re the best version of yourself on this planet.”

Speaking at WBLC 2020, our Guest of Honor Stacey Ashely, Leadership Expert NSW, Australia, said, we need to support each other if a group of people is around the world are willing to make difference, make a contribution, we have to work together. She also said that, as women leaders, entrepreneurs, role models we need to step up, face-up, and show up. In the chat session Ms. Anu Shah, CEO, Rocket Internet SE & Advisor United Nation, said, “Educating girls at a young age and teaching them there is an alternative and a path for them, they don’t really need to be rescued.”

Further, at WBLC 2020 in the chat session, on the topic of Secret to True Confidence for Women, Ms. Anika Parashar– Founder & CEO of The Woman’s Company, said, “The best parameter of measurement is to compare yourself to yourself”. Speaking on the same topic, Ms. ShristiSahuCo-Founder, HHV Angel Investor, said, “Approach life with a mindset of being a learner, and you will start thinking of the world in a very different way, you will think of confidence in a different way and you will realize that confidence is a skill that you need to build over a period of time.”

Financial Independence of Women and Their Role toward 5 Trillion Economy was also a topic of discussion at the Women Business and Leadership Conference 2020. For this session, we had distinguished guests, Anisha Sharma- Advocate Bombay High Court, Miss Universe India 2020 Top 5, and Ms. NimishaNagarsekar, Partner & CFO, Sixth Sense (VC). Throwing light on the topic Ms. NimishaNagarsekar, said, “Women in the society have to start becoming potential decision-makers, it has to go beyond earning and putting money on the table. Every man also has to be taught and made aware that the wife in the house, the daughter in the house, the girl child in the house has to be empowered has to have equal rights in decision making wherever required.” Adding to it, Ms. Anisha Sharma, explained, “Women of rural areas or not so urban areas lack exposure, the key stage to achieving financial independence is having experience in life. Women of the lower strata need to have exposure.”

Women Business and Leadership Conference 2020 was supported by the Women’s Web and Sanskriti University

WIEF was highly honored to have experts from abroad, distinguished women leaders, and guests who shared their experiences and wish to contribute to a stronger, more peaceful, and equitable society. WIEF will continue to highlight women leaders and support women at every stage of their life and career.

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