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“it was always about, love what you do and do what you love”

Born in a traditional South Indian family he was no stranger to delicious food. He was raised on a steady diet of mouth-watering South Indian food. However, this didn’t stop here, never satisfied just with the traditional and familiar he ventured out into trying out the unfamiliar. He has followed his taste buds faithfully into the unfamiliar but exotic and exciting. It would be blasphemous to call him just a foodie for he is simply a devotee and worshiper of food.

Vinay Nagaraju, the whole and soul of @wompindia, is a food blogger(to say the least), who chronicles his food experiences of the well known and familiar havens across the globe. But his motto is very simple, he wants to help people identify the best food and experience something new, authentic and healthy while ensuring the local food still remains the hero.

What started off as a passion with food blogging, has now turned him in a successful entrepreneur with Monk Studios, which has become a well known name in the world of F&B over the years.

This blog has given him many optimum moments. But one that got him on cloud nine was when the world-class chef Marco Piere White prepared dosa and jalebi for him. Also when two of the best chefs world has ever seen Gary Mehigan and Chef Ranveer Brar appreciated and recommended his page, it was surreal for him. He also holds the fame of being the only human to have been featured in @Huffposttaste.

However, there were thick and thin times too when things didn’t go right. But he has always looked at it as a learning mode. He knows to wipe off the dust and get going, it’s what he has learnt from his biggest inspiration, and his support system, his Dad. He is the one who imbibed this foodie in Vinay. He laid the foundation and Vinay just managed to build a huge mansion over it. Also in the food industry, Rocky and Mayur have always had a great impact on the food journey of Vinay.

Hosting a food blog comes with its own disadvantages, major one is bad health and enormous weight gain. This problem had made the journey as a food blogger very difficult for Vinay. But he managed to find the rose in the bushes of thorns. He started to blog on healthy food and posted stories about his workouts on trying to get fit from fat. And the best part about this was when his followers started to encourage him in this journey.

His journey from being a fulltime techie to a successful entrepreneur by doing just what he loves doing the most, is truly inspiring. If this doesn’t motivates people to follow their passion, don’t know what will.!

“Be truthful and be you. Don’t try to be someone else. People want to see you, never let that change. There will come a day when everything will make sense and after that, there will be no looking back. But until then work patiently. Success is always worth the wait, and beauty about going through the honest journey is you will never have to be worried about going back to Zero. So just be YOU and truthful. _’ LiVe LiFe tO ThE FuLlEsT’_ Says Mr. Vinay.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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