Supply Chain Headaches in COVID-19 Lockdown – what you could have done and should be doing?

It’s here! Yes, we are talking about severe business impact under COVID-19 scenarios. As a supply chain leader, you must be scrambling to address your demand and supply situation once the business resumes post lockdown.

While demand is impacted by customer and business sentiments, it is fulfilling the demand (supply side) which would impose significant challenges, post lockdown. Surprised? Well, given the key modes of enabling supply, road transport, according to a Mckinsey report, accounts for nearly 60-65% of the freight movement. Interestingly, even after being such a large segment, it is the most fragmented, impacting the lives of one and mostly neglected community – the Commercial Vehicle Drivers.

Post lockdown, availability of drivers will be a big concern for supply chain managers and their organizations. As published in National Herald, soon after the lockdown was announced, nearly 500,000 drivers and their helpers were stranded on the roads with no basic amenities available to them, leading them to abandon their trucks and rush to their homes.This has led to a significant loss of consignment and property. Further worsening the situation, around 30,000 drivers have left for their homes and are now refusing to come back even if the lockdown is lifted. The numbers are expected to further increase. Trucks carrying essential items are also stuck between abandoned vehicles, leading to further damage to the supply of essential goods.

Under the present compelling situation, the following problems need to be addressed: –

Reaching out to the drivers and asking for their safety and well-being.

Collaborating with government/NGOs and other approved authorities to arrange for food and hygiene for the drivers.

Securing funds to provide additional cover for health/insurances towards the drivers as part of social responsibility.

Coming of age are some companies that demonstrate a “Socially Responsible Behavior” and one such company is Axestrack Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Jaipur. During this lockdown, they promptly worked with their customers to identify the true locations of the drivers and assisted them in providing basic amenities.

Axestrack’s client relationship is rooted in its one of the core foundational principles of the company – empathy. Empathy has helped Axestrack to be at the forefront of their customer needs and partner for next-gen initiatives. With more than 110,000+ commercial vehicles on their India’s First Unified Fleet Management Platform Axestrack claims a clientele list of industrial behemoths from almost all the sectors.

During our discussions with Jagmeet Singh-CEO, he mentioned “We worked with one of our clients having a fleet size of 20,000 and using our proprietary algorithms of AI/ML, provided them with the exact location details and assisted them in their efforts to reach out to the drivers. It looks easy at first however running multiple scenarios to ensure that only the stranded drivers are reached out, makes it quite challenging because every call made to the drivers should have a zero-failure rate.”

“Axestrack has demonstrated thoroughness of data drive efficiency, again and again”.

The home run here is that proactive organizations are not expected to face the unavailability of drivers when business resumes. The driver’s community has taken a very cognizant note of their business masters and hence would reciprocate in the same manner at least for the short term. In the long term, new policies would be written. Organizations like AIMTC & AITWA are already seeking government intervention for policy changes like insurance cover, pensions and so on.

It is the time for supply chain managers to be empathetic to drivers in this hour of need and assist them towards the betterment of the entire ecosystem.

As Jagmeet puts it in the end, “The Businesses which are built to last, demonstrate a character in crisis”. With its deep understanding of complex data, Axestrack is humbled to provide ready assistance during such difficult times.

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Source:- The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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