Sigeeka – A brand for traditions.

Sigeeka – A brand for traditions.

‘Diversification is the source of need’; this one line works as the key point to create a difference in the field of eCommerce which led the path to launch a brand named “Sigeeka”.

The huge diversification among millions of Indians as well as many craft enthusiasts around the world motivated Simmi Kumar to start, an Indian e-commerce platform to deliver Indian traditional products at doorsteps. She never thought that her love for Indian tradition would turn out to be a great business idea.

Born of the Entrepreneur

“I love wearing everything traditional and in the way of my traditional look, we were in search of Lahathi bangles for some festival. But we were unable to find them here in Bangalore. That was the first moment when I realized about such problems. Need in western countries forced me to think about Sigeeka, says Simmi. The whole story turned the women to develop the entrepreneurship within her. And thus Sigeeka has born!


The journey of entrepreneurship started as a technical startup-like having a website and selling products over there. In 2018, with a seed capital of Rs 3 lakh, Simmi started Sigeeka from a makeshift office at her home. Her first collection went live on with traditional Bangles as key products. Soon, she was receiving more than 50 orders in a month with excellent feedback from buyers.

From getting products from the suppliers to delivering it to the doorsteps was the start of Sigeeka. But this was not enough. The team never wanted to go in platform mode like Amazon and always tried to connect to the customers directly through services. They wanted ‘Sigeeka to be rated by customers as a brand’ not different suppliers.

Simmi adds that “We aim to make Indian tradition, beauty, rituals, and beliefs known to everyone by delivering the quality products according to customer needs.

Supported by iOS and Android Apps, Sigeeka has been marked by their unique style of packaging and quality customer support. “The USP of our company are our Suppliers, Shopping Style, Shipping, Packaging and Customer Relation. Our strength lies in the ability to ship any product from one corner to another in one week. We do have products shipped to 5000 plus pin codes in India,” Simmi explained.

The company receives orders mainly from mobile applications or mobile websites in which 50 percent of orders are repeated orders. With a strong footprint in 3 tier cities in India, Sigeeka has seen 100 percent growth of visitors as well as 100 percent website conversion rate every month. Their supplier chain is very inclusive and diverse “For future,” Simmi says, “company wants to widen their product portfolio by adding Traditional Wear from Sigeeka’s own unique designs for special festivals and essential traditional adornments for different customs in India. In the next phase, we would like to add Indian traditional designed dresses for women. We will bring Sigeeka as a big brand for all the products related to Indian traditional beauty.

Mission and Vision

We aim to make Indian traditions known to everyone by delivering quality products. In this diversified field where there are a lot of domains, lot of product lines, lot of work areas we target to have products in phases. We are on the way to launch each product in our brand like Sigeeka Sindoor, Sigeeka Toe rings, Sigeeka bottom wear and we are on our next venture i.e ethnic apparels.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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