She shares smiles and a little confidence! – Muskan Khan

Instagram: @muskankhanmua

Beauty overwhelms eyes, reaches the soul, and speaks for your heart, and if you look beautiful then you feel beautiful! And feeling beautiful can give you great confidence. Confidence to just give your best and be the best version of you.

Muskan Khan a renowned Makeup artist from Delhi who simply excels at her job promises to always bring the best in you. She has gained a lot of experience in the field and also is a known name of this industry.

She was always aware of what exactly she wanted from her life. And grooming has been her field of interest from the beginning. So she completed her Post Graduation Diploma in Beauty, Hair, and, Makeup from ALPS. But this didn’t give her the satisfaction so she continued to gain knowledge in the same field, and did her advanced level diploma in makeup from Swati Verma Makeup Academy. To nurture the interest and the talent she had, and to take her Makeup skills to another level she attended so many national or international level masterclasses.

Energetic, Creative, Excellent are just some of the adjectives that define this talent. However, what is more, interesting is the dedication she has towards her job. Muskan believes if you look beautiful you feel beautiful. And her Makeup style just promises to bring the best in people. Her experience and uniqueness can be witnessed on her Instagram and Facebook pages that have a compilation of all her works. These pages are just flooded with outstanding artwork Muskan has exhibited throughout her journey.

Muskan Khan knows magic, she can very well help anyone with which look suits them the best. Her experience in this field has got her to a stage where one can blindly trust her instincts for their makeup looks. She will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Her expert opinion with your look can always save your back. And make you look the best in the room.

Muskan’s style of creation is something that is different from the rest of the makeup artists. A unique style as she grooms the personality of a person, and not just the face. She builds in an aura in yourself with her ability. A transformation in person can be seen in her style of work. Also, she always uses quality products and never comprises with the standards of the products. Quality above anything is her moto.

The name and fame that is built around her is just a result of her efforts to give her best every time. And this is however just a start and this talent has places to go.

“Everyone is pretty without Makeup, but with it, one can definitely be pretty powerful”



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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