She sailed beyond one’s imagination-Ashi Sethi

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“Social media is an expression to connect with people out of your circle. It’s a medium to reach the universe you want to”

Rapidity of change is accelerating. Reaching out to people has now become way easier when compared to past times. The approach of the new generations towards those things that were once socially unacceptable has now changed. Yes, we are modernizing. But what is most required today is that set of people who not only change with need but also hold back the feel what makes us different. Those who can make a perfect blend of both our traditional values and the much-needed change. And Ashi is definitely doing her bits for this with all ease and grace.

Ashi Sethi, the magical core of the insta handle @saree_art, started blogging nearly two years back. It wasn’t at all planned. All she knew was she wanted to do something out of the box and that she had this unconditional love and respect for Sarees. Ashi otherwise was an introvert person, but with blogging, she could express herself better, share opinions and connect with the larger world and all this opened up new gates for her.

Ashi’s personal style is simplicity, she loves minimal things. And what she is most comfortable with is in not overdoing things. Her biggest inspiration is her mother who is also the reason behind Ashi’s fondness towards the sarees and simplicity.

Well, nothing worthy comes easy, there were many challenges she had to face to reach where she stands today. First would be listening to criticism, and most of the time a lot from unknown people. People using pictures without any consent. Some of these challenges although we’re difficult but have helped Ashi evolve on social media in a much better way.

Of all the difficult situations Ashi dealt, the real nut to crack was the fashion trends and experimenting with the looks. She being very random with the accessories, makeup, and her looks, all this to some extent was still a challenge. But again if you are determined and destined to do something, then you fight impossible. Like this blog did to her, not just Ashi designed the blog, but a major part of Ashi we know today is a sketch of this blog.

Blogs are a major part of social media, and Social media and real life are no less. There are always highs and lows in life or in social media. Ashi just follows her passion and is trying to justify her love for sarees, with no as such aim to get any followers. She just follows her own styles and designs content according which speaks about sustainable fashion, timeless fashion and different weavesthe trends and designs content according to the inclination of the masses.

Some people like and some do not like it, and sometimes all this does affect her, especially when people don’t reciprocate with respect. But she’s aware popularity usually never comes alone. And furthermore, if you have opened yourself to the world, there will be a noise. So she believes the only way to tackle is this to ignore.

To conclude with we have, Ashi’s message to all her admirers and the aspirants “Do not compare yourself with others. Be inspired, but do not compare. You need to be yourself and do what suits you best”.

Source:The Intellectual Indian




Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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