She painted her dream to life.

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When you are a child you never think that your favourite childhood game will turn and end up being your career. Every girl plays and dresses up her dolls, sometimes even sneaking her mom’s favourite and expensive make up, just to make her doll look pretty. Like every other girl, I also did the same without being aware that it’ll become my passion one day and I’ll be dressing up and making women look prettier even as a grown up.

Hi, I’m Pavani Nagpal, professional makeup artist and influencer. My journey of reckoning myself apt for this profession began when my family and friends after seeing me doing makeup on myself recommended to pursue this hobby as a career. My initial days were filled with the most obvious feeling of self-doubt as I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to make big in the beauty community and of course, lack of funds and resources made it more difficult for me to embrace this as a full-time profession. But, above all I had the immense support of all my loved ones that made me sail through even during the rough initial days.

After completing my graduation in Mass communication and setting myself in this field, I pursued my certification in makeup artistry from International Celebrity Makeup Artist Goar Avetisyan and renowned bridal and celebrity MUA Guneet Virdi. I started as a freelancer but, as I hail from a small town in Uttrakhand known as Dehradun, therefore, people here were quite sceptic about freelancers and believed in going to the conventional salons for their makeup needs for any occasion. This made it all the more difficult for me establish in this field. The biggest task was to gain the confidence of prospective clients in freelancers and convincing them that professionals like us can also do a wonderful job. My beginning days were very disappointing and stressful due to the very fact that people weren’t ready to even give a single chance to people like me. But, I would also like to tell you here that all these things didn’t astray me from following my passion and I didn’t give up. Thanks to the outstation people who knew the concept and convenience of freelancers, and contacted me for bookings and soon my career took off. This also helped me in uploading more posts on Instagram and Facebook which somehow attracted more clients to my profile eventually, boosting my confidence and my popularity.

After struggling as a freelancer for some time, I started getting offers to become an influencer. As my online presence was quite substantial therefore, many successful companies took interest in making me as an influencer for their products. Now, even during rough days, I take everything in its stride and try to enjoy every bit of my profession. Although, I still don’t have as many followers as compared to other influencers, but a well-establish magazine like The Intellectual Indian contacted me and gave me the opportunity to publish my article. I take it as an achievement and feel pride in being what I am today.

I would only say to all my gorgeous women that never give up on your dreams and don’t stop believing in yourself. Your perseverance will take you to great heights and be assured there are better things in store for you.



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