Passion that built vision – Tushar Mahajan

“Solivagant soul, all lost in star dust. In search of extraordinary in those obvious things around. To reach out and capture the world to show them what world looks like”

Tushar Mahajan, Photographer by profession was always aware of the fact that he wanted to seize the vibe of the life. Incracerate not what eyes see, but what the soul feels. To him, Photography has always been beyond locking the focus, it is about the story it would tell to the thousand other people in thousand different ways.

But above all what feeds his soul is Travel photography. Because it has nothing to do with commercials most of the time. It is like you have your free hand, you are clear in your head, have time to focus on what’s happening, and can capture what your lens have affinity towards. Sometimes things happen at an unbelievable pace but all of it is a fun experience, which gives Tushar contentment more than content. It is the most special type of work to him.

Capturing moments is his professional agenda, but there are a few moments that captured him in it forever. Tushar is a part of film making too and also shoots music and corporate videos. An year back he started trying his luck with scripts. After which he applied for India film project 50 hour challenge and won the 3rd spot out of some 900 entries in the category. His film was screened in front of 2000 people. The audience appreciation and contentful reaction was way beyond the worth of any award.”I believe I haven’t felt that touched with anything as of now, because that wasn’t something I was expecting and suddenly it felt like dreams are coming true!” says Tushar.

Be it any field of work there is risk, and risk is something you have to face and overcome to achieve and continue with the profession. Tushar also had to face some of such risks and challenges, but what he always believes is that problems can only make you better. He also says it’s not just Photography, any art form has its own highs and lows where problems come up, and to deal with that he has a mantra. He just closes his eyes thinks of almighty, thinks of the work that he has done and think of what he can do next, and probably just go out to click a few street shots because nothing can make him happier than the Streets. So in short he just asks us to keep working, because only working can keep you inspired. And the person who really inspires him is Mr. Auditya Venkatesh sir. Tushar believes he is one of India’s finest Photographers who has directly indirectly improved the way he perceives the world.

Tushar’s message to all those who are aspiring to start something of their own is to not to waste the limited time and resources in the unpredictable, instead just give it a fair trial because start is when you don’t have anything to lose, and with time it will grow and will be more relatable for people whom you’ll inspire.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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