Passion or Fashion? – Shreya Smita

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“For she chose both, however difficult were the Choices,

And listened to her heart, for however louder were the Noises”

We often say it’s impossible to have two different passions or love two different things at the same time. However, medico and blogger, Shreya Smita Bhuyan decided to balance both worlds simultaneously and break this stereotype to carry forth her love for medicine and passion for fashion.

“I have always loved experimenting with clothes and creating wearable fashion. Doing my MBBS from Gangtok opened my blog to newer travel opportunities and ignited in me the incessant love to travel and explore new places and cultures. Hence my blog is called ‘Of Wheres and Wears’, which means the documentation of my styles and travels”, says Shreya.

Being born and brought up in a family of professionals in Guwahati city of Assam, Shreya was first introduced to the idea of blogging back when she was in the 11th standard. While looking up product reviews, she came across one of India’s biggest beauty blogs who were then hiring writers. Without a thought, she applied and sent in a few articles. Her flair for writing and a good hold over grammar helped her earn that job instantly. Thus then started the journey of blogging. During that time, readers of that blog would come to her social media to appreciate the articles and they also appreciated her fashion sense. Now even if Shreya thoroughly enjoyed writing beautiful articles for them, she wasn’t entirely happy because she wanted to do fashion, while they were entirely makeup and beauty based articles. So after having spent a few years freelancing for that blog and some others, she finally decided to start her own brand.

Having an incredibly supportive family allowed her to pursue this unconventional balance between medicine and blogging. But that never stopped people from judging. People in her college often laughed at what she was doing. But she indeed still was incredibly lucky to have a set of friends and even a few professors who always extend their unfathomable support.

Talking about the future, she plans on taking her brand to the global level. She wants it to be known as one of the best from India, one that provides value to people and brands, and that stands out from the rest. Shreya and her team have already started taking baby steps towards that dream. They want their audience to trust them and be a loyal community. After all, they believe they are nothing without them. So they put in all efforts only promote something they would be recommending that to their own family and friends. They also try to deliver the best value to brands that choose to work with them. In a time when the blogging industry is so saturated, they always strive to stand out. This is why they do a lot of brainstorming to come up with content and always stick to only great quality and impactful content which will capture the viewer’s eye. They strategize the content in a way that connects with the audience while sticking to the core values of the brand. Hence, they have been always giving good visibility and returns to the brands that have worked with them.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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