Party Paradise: The new beginning

A well to do family, celebrating their son’s 5th birthday, with a huge cake, and glistening decorations at a lavish restaurant. Everything was so perfect, all happy, gleeful faces. Another child, almost of the same age as that Birthday kid, passing by the restaurant glanced through the glass panels of the restaurant. He was one of those kids who had never witnessed such joy because their families can barely spend on all of this.

Celebrations don’t mean all lavish setup and pricey gifts, a single balloon and a sweet on that special day can brighten up those innocent faces who want to feel special on their birthday and see how much those around them love and cherish them.

Bhagyashree remembers how much she loved birthdays and celebrations, and how badly she wanted to bring this joy to everyone, even for the least privileged. And therefore she came up with the idea of making all party supplies affordable.

It wasn’t as easy as it read, the constant change that she had to go through in her life seemed like a never ending process, settlement itself was a big question and starting a business at this time created more issues.

Starting a business, with zero business experience, exposure and no one to lead the way was a daunting idea. Being super optimistic by nature and a very supportive family by side she didn’t look back. She cared only about her idea and vision and not about judgmental opinions. And finally decided to give it a sincere try, and here she is today, ranking on google as the best Party supplies shop in Belgaum.

She is very much excited about what she is doing, no matter how small the start is. Initially, she faced the fear of failure, competition, responsibilities but she strongly believes that failures are parts of the process and she is learning exponentially in this journey. She has started her retail store “Party Paradise” in Bhagya Nagar 5thcross Belgaum, where one can find all the decorative items, balloons, party supplies relatively cheaper than the wholesale market. Visit Party Paradise: Party Paradise In her store customers never end up paying out of the pocket or more than it’s value. Contact her store @bhagya_shree90




Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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