National Summit on Women and Education Empowerment 3.0

Women’s Financial empowerment is a less talked topic but Women Innovation and entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF) vision to make every woman financially independent. Dr. Shweta Singh Founder WIFE, emphasizes on women empowerment but focuses only on financial empowerment and for which she strongly believes Education and Skill are the main bases to achieve so.

Curated by WIEF, founder and producer of Indian Women Excellence and Leadership Awards, in support of MSME and Startup India, The NATIONAL SUMMIT ON WOMEN & EDUCATION EMPOWERMENT 2020 was organized on17th Jan at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi. NSWEE is a power-packed summit featuring successful national and regional women entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, Education change makers, and entrepreneurial guru’s, with a mission to develop women in business & Empowering women to advance their career in education through real advice from real leaders.

The occasion aligned with the ambition of WIEF, which is to contribute to building a society that provides equal opportunities to women as men, a society that is devoid of the confinements that women are subjected to. WIEF constantly endeavors to open windows of possibilities for women, to give them reasons to outshine men in all walks of life.

The program included various sessions, where almost all the aspect which can help women to think, encourage and start her journey or scale up her business. From government to industry to women leaders, there was a good amalgamation of the speaker where they discussed about how they are supporting or how schemes under government can help women entrepreneurs.

The esteemed speakers presented their valuable views on the need of educating women which would open the channels for them to rise and bloom and take their rightful place in the society. The speaker included Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe Chairman AICTE, Dr. Ashutosh Sharma Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Deepak Bagla CEO Invest India, Ms. Shelley Thakral from Facebook, Actress Ms. Mallika Dua, Ms. Malini Agarwal, Actress Ms. Gauhar Khan, Ms. Arushi Pokhriyal, Acid Survivor Ms. Pragya Prasun, Ms. Anisha Singh, Madhu Lunawat, Sunita Bohora and many more.

Few points to take away from various speakers were, Ms. Shelley Thakral expressed that properly structured and implemented policies, training and programs have the ability to help women by curbing the gender divide that exists in the society, Mr. Deepak Bagla, conveyed the fact that the success rate of start-ups led by women is twice than that of men, Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, stated that diversity can be found everywhere in nature, including the diversity in genders and this diversity is the key to growth in every walk of life, Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe stressed on the need of gender equality for a nation’s progress. Ms. Malini and Mallika Dua said “women should come out of there comfort zone” and women are inherently amazing and resilient and they should not be shackled by the tag of being ‘perfect’”, Ms. Arushi talked about women livelihood, Acid survivor Pragya Prasun said that women are creators they should be always be ready for any situation, Ms. Anisha Singh of She capital expressed that revolutionary change can be found if women support each other and women should not be objectified while Ms.Shiuli stressed on the power of taking action.

The event was concluded with the chat session of Dr, Shweta Singh and Actress Gauhar Khan where Gauhar, while recollecting her days at the TV Show Bigg Boss said that nothing worth having comes easy.

NSWEE 2020 also awarded women, Startups, and Industries who have made exceptional achievements in their respective field, awardees included Malini Agrawal in Media, Priyanka C Raina in social, Shiuli Choudhary VP Multi Décor India, Dr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Sikhsha “o” Anusudhan University, Sanskriti University, Parshavv Om Jain from MGMeSports, India Assist, NCR Corp, SUMEDHA KHOCHE, Rachana Gupta, Diksha Chabbra, Renuka Joshi, of total 35 recognitions were given.

NSWEE is organized by WIEF with associate partner, GATI KWE, Ennoble IP & Multi Décor India, Hygiene partner Go Girl Foundation and Support partner NCR Corporation and Chandigarh University, these recognitions will be the perfect opportunity for various women entrepreneurs, startups and innovators to bring about a sustainable and much-needed change in the entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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