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Samar Singh Virdi is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Chandigarh, he is ranked as one of the top 10 photographers to follow in the country by various online publications such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed,, and Youth ki Awaaz. He was also the youngest contestant ever on National Geographic Channel’s Mission Covershot Season 4 in 2017. In which he was qualified till the Grand Finale. Only 16 professional photographers were shortlisted from all over India.

In 2015 Samar’s film, ‘ilam – Punjab’s Unknown Battle of Sanity’ received the special jury award at the National Youth Film Festival held in Goa and also received the first runners up at the Reel to Real national film festival held in Delhi.

He has recently covered Ladakh for an assignment with National Geographic Traveller India and Vivo India in 2018, in which he was featured as a photographer covering the region. The film is titled #Lenscape and has garnered over a million views on YouTube.

He has also been a part of various campaigns for mobile phone cameras. His clients include; Loreal, Getty Institute, University of Liverpool, Hero Future Energies, Apollo Tyres and many more.

His parents have always had a strong influence in his photography career. Both of his parents are artists and have been his warm abode for artistic wisdom. Currently he is studying Architecture in the Chandigarh College of Architecture.

And after the completion of his education he plans to practice photography, film making and architecture focused design. With the progress of software the process of photography has become sort of a magic trick. But he often abstains himself from excessive post production and photo manipulation and tries to find magic in the subject and elements in whatever reality he finds. Thus what would fascinate him as a photographer would be documentation, travel, nature, architecture and historical subject matter.

Standing on top of a windmill has been an extra-ordinary memory for him. While on his shoot with Hero Future Energies, after climbing training and drill, he had the export experience of standing on top of the windmill nacelle. Watching the sunset beyond the horizon, while feeling the wind on the body has been a moment that he will always remember. Also the experiences that truly move him are those when he travels to witness the sheer magnificence of nature. Going beyond manmade structures, to, witness the true beauty of our planet.

He is an outstanding photographer because he tries to stay focused on the tasks throughout the day and also remembers to photograph those scenic visuals that he witness through his eyes and manages to produces wonders through his lens.

“Create with freedom, and do not think in terms of trends or traffic. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In doing so you’ll have a unique account that represents your work in chronological form” says Samar.



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