From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Growing up in an orthodox family with very little freedom given to explore oneself as an individual, where on one hand you weren’t even allowed to dream, Pooja Sachin, on the other hand, was always sure of where she wanted to see herself someday. Not very much interested in 9-5 jobs and with her audacity to go beyond possibilities she, at the very early age of 22 decided to leave her home, with only dreams as her own. No support from family, no money to run a business, no back-up plan, all she had was her unconditional love for children, pretty good technical knowledge because of her degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and just an idea of about how exactly she would want her company to function, and this is how the Journey of ROBOMATIONS began.

ROBOMATIONS is a firm that believes in giving the necessary foundation to kids in the field of Robotics and Electronics by providing them a hands-on experience which includes students knowing their Components, learning Programming and Building their own models, etc.

The Company started off with just as robotics workshops in apartments and activity center is now standing strong of 15 Schools and 2 Colleges across Bangalore, this being just a start, still, a long way to go.

It is a bootstrapped company with zero funding, i.e. all the expenses are covered by just rotating the money they get by conducting the workshops, from arranging rent to salary, bills, materials for students everything needs to be managed with the minimal costs possible.

What always has helped her stay strong throughout is being her only support for life is her Co-founder and her husband Sachin Chinnappa, who has been standing strong against every society norms starting from helping her settle from the day she left home to understanding how much dedication her work needs and having her back always.

The journey wasn’t as easy as it seemed, from Pooja being a girl who had to leave behind all the luxuries that she had from the day she was born to staying in a 1 BHK home where even her employees dint know about it since it was more like an office and had no bed or anything as such to cook.
She surprised herself because she did all of that without a single complaint, it seemed like she was always prepared to face all that came across to achieve the bigger dream.

But what was more difficult for Pooja Sachin was making people believe that even without funding or family background this company will exist and it will sustain to deliver what’s promised. It was a challenge for her, but however, she managed to overcome this by providing them a high quality of service and delivering what was promised as this was the only way she had to make them believe that she is here to STAY.

Also being a young boss and getting things done by hiring either ladies who are elder to her and who had problem to listen to someone younger give orders also the immediate juniors who lacked experience was a challenge – But with time passed she hired girls who have experience and now they are with the company from past 3 years and this also shows how flexible and fun it is to work in ROBOMATIONS.

For ROBOMATIONS is a long way to go, the plan is to spread across Karnataka initially have a strong base in terms of schools and colleges. They are coming up with labs for schools and colleges which is one of the necessity as they know for any school unlike physics and chemistry lab, Robotics is the field that increases logical thinking for students also currently they have 3 labs in schools and are looking forward to growing it more the following year.

They plan on keeping a check on them by constantly collecting feedback from students, schools and parents for getting an idea about what more are they expecting and constantly improving and growing with all that is needed by adopting new technologies, etc.

“The idea of STARTUP=FUNDING is what actually many THINK and hesitate to start, but what I believe is the idea to have a successful self-made business is STARTUP=Being confident about your idea and believing in it by giving your 100% faith with hard work, can make any start-up work”

~ PoojaSachin.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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