From a Side Project to an Award-Winning Company: The Enthralling Story of mCanvas

With approximately 450 million monthly, active internet users in India, mobile presents itself as a golden opportunity for marketers to use this medium to reach out to potential users. Static banner ads are passé and interactive ones are now a hit in the ad tech space, with good reason. In a competitive attention economy, brands are scrambling to create meaningful experiences on mobile for users and keep them engaged.

Here’s where mCanvas steps in. What started as a side project in 2015 with only five team members (at mCanvas’ parent company Affinity), has today turned into a multi-award-winning company with 38 brilliant minds and with the distinction of executing ads for over 350 Global and Indian brands. The story of how this happened, is both exhilarating and inspiring.

Focal Point

Creating sensor-driven rich-media ads and branded content is at the core of what mCanvas does. “Breaking away from boring ads and creating engaging & interactive experiences, is our driving force. We pride ourselves in building powerful, innovation-driven mobile ads and sponsored content, from its conceptualization to execution,” says Vishal Rupani, Co-founder & CEO at mCanvas. The company aims to create path-breaking, unrivaled concepts for brands that would leave a lasting impression on users. Innovations such as India’s first Artificial Intelligence led interactive video chatbot for IDEA 4G; real-time color detection using the phone’s camera for Godrej Appliances; tracking user’s activities using the accelerometer and gyroscope for Reebok — are just some of the ideas that have set the benchmark in the mobile ad space.

Using50+ mobile sensors and features and 10+ modern, mobile-friendly, customizable Call to action (CTA) options, mCanvas also integrates real-time data and location targeting into ad campaigns, completing the experience and reaching the right user at the right time.

Not Without Trials

But everything hasn’t been all smooth sailing. “We did have our share of downs. When we started out, many media agencies questioned the sustainability of the company in the long run. They didn’t think we’d survive beyond our first year. But we were determined. We crafted a unique business model that created strong value for all our stakeholders – that is, advertisers, publishers & users. And we solved some key problems plaguing this space namely banner blindness, accidental clicks, poor viewability and lack of storytelling,” explains Rupani. “Having won 35 prestigious accolades over the last four years, with 19 in 2019 alone, is testimony that we are on the right track.” he continues. The company now works with an array of brands like Amazon, Godrej, Mercedes – Benz, Mondelez, andhelps100 top-tier publishers like The Times of India, Indian Express,, CarDekho and ScoopWhoopmonetize their digital traffic.

Future Plans

As for the future, plans to scale the business are well underway.“The mobile app industry is booming, but the ads lack an emotional connect with its audience. With our deep expertise in building rich creatives and proprietary ad formats for the web (WAP) world, we hope to extend that the APP world. Our goal is to change user behavior from ‘passive ad consumption’ to ‘active ad participation’. In the coming year, we also plan to introduce more novel ad formats, which will augment our portfolio,” concludes Rupani.

Source:The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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