Food over life, and travelling over everything else -Jinali Sutariya and Malav Jhaveri

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“a journey never-ending, to cherish and relish, a thrive that we had within, to do something more than obvious, to go beyond the limits set, to travel, explore the joy of places and to just eat, it all started with us.”

Social media for them was always just a network, to reach out to a few people you know, and may be a few you don’t. Just like most of the other platforms one uses on daily basis “to pass the time”. Never did they know that this very ordinary thing would change their life to this extent, that it would give them a reason to keep up with their spirits and strive to deliver their best every single time. Today with this blog, social media has become so much more than just a site to interact.

Jinali Sutariya and Malav Jhaveri started blogging 4 years ago, back then there weren’t many food bloggers in the Mumbai circle, so it was kind of easy to create basic content and gain followers immediately. But soon the market of blogging spread out like fire. There were like new blogs starting up every single day. This made them go through a phase when they realised how much important it was to deliver fresh and trending content. And since then they truly started their journey towards what livetoeatbombay today, is all about.

Their blog is particularly dedicated to Food and travel. They travel around the globe, visiting and eating their way through cities known for food, documenting their experience as they go. Food and travel blogging involves a lot of research, editing, investment of time and resources. What they strive for the most is to try to keep it as real as possible. It is only about being consistent with the content. People will keep coming back to you if your content is creative and meaningful, is what they believe in.

Blogging has its perks, but they have been a little lucky with this, they have had one of the best experiences of their life with this blog. One of them was the Iceland tour. The road trip across the country was magical. The raw, dark nature of this untouched place will truly inspire one to explore different countries. They believe blogging was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

But sometimes too much becomes too difficult to handle, when this fame starts intruding into the personal lives and the peace get disturbed, they prefer to disappear for a while, block all social media hate. Ignore the trolls. It’s very easy for people to spread negativity and be unappreciative. Also Blogging is very tiresome. Creating out of the world content can definitely burn you out. Sometimes a break becomes much needed. That is another major reason why they choose to sometimes a small break then again come back with a bang, it really helps to start fresh with better ideas and higher energy.

Jinali and Malav’s message to all those tiny little buds of gold, yearning to bloom, “Be Consistent, Be Creative, Explore Everything in terms of Food, Travel, Fashion or Lifestyle blogging to understand what your audience likes best and no matter how tempting it is to buy fake followers, don’t do it. Eventually you will get caught because of your low engagement rate. And anyways Authenticity is always superiorised over misleading Perfection”

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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