Ennoble IP – a nobly noble dream.

Ennoble IP is a technology-enabled Intellectual Property company, exclusively for Startups, Universities, research institutions, and SMEs, and it was founded in the year 2014. It provides Technology Enabled IP Platform to their client to handle end to end IP related activity.

The instinct to start an IPR firm started when Shweta was pursuing her IPR program from the WIPO, where people used to criticize Indians, claiming them to be highly intellectual, but not competent enough to safeguard their own property. Since that very moment, She was determined to get back to India and work on these shortcomings. And Hence after coming back, Shweta started working in the IP industry and with academia. Post gaining experience and finding more core problems i.e IP pain points in academia and startups she started Ennoble IP.

Prior to starting the organization, she started researching the market and the ecosystem, so to better understand the right place for her idea to fit in, just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Then it all hit her hard, once she realized how she was close to putting things at the right place to make it all work.

Initially, Ennoble was a Dream that started with the mind of Dr. Shweta Singh, with as many as 5 people working under her command. She started as an IP consultant and built her client base from there. Through her prior experience in the field and some well-done market research, she found her niche with Startups, SMEs and Universities.

Being a technology-enabled platform, it provides optimum services to their clientele by handling end to end IP related activity, which includes Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright, IPR strategies and it’s management, IP monetization, IP related paralegal services, IP exchange and commercialization, technical writing support, etc.

The start is never easy, after thorough research about the market, they learned that IP protection is not a well-known concept in the first place. Most of the corporates don’t even know the term, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). That’s where they felt the need to have captured that particular segment as they target very specifically the Startups & SMEs. They have now found a functional way to manage and grow their clientele which is unlike any other IP consultancy firm. As most SMEs & startups lack the financial resources to build an in-house IP team to help utilize the true value of IP valuation. ENNOBLE IP advises & assists clients to effectively identify and protect their intangible assets and help them in effectively using those assets fittingly. They are the only IP consultancy firm that handholds startups & Higher Education to builds strong IP assets for them which increases their valuation. This, in turn, helps them to connect with big MNCs and getting global.

A strategy that Dr. Shweta nailed was by entrusting the team with their capabilities rather than just depending on oneself, which was needful when it comes to running a new venture. They have a competent team that possesses outstanding technical and legal knowledge. A distinguished advisory board which comprises of people from major technical and legal areas with a cumulative experience of 100+ years. This helps them to create, identify, protect & monetize their IP Assets. It is of utmost importance to keep your staff and team members happy and content with what they provide to the organization. By being clear towards the employee and keeping frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction makes all the difference in employee happiness. Feedback and the ability to understand employee concerns are important as well but it’s what you do after, that’s critical to retention. She always manages to remain transparent whilst communicating by sharing what she has learned and by making a course of action for addressing any issues.

Given her entrepreneurial career is currently in its 14th year, she has seen these aforementioned good bits, bad bits, and the ugly ones. Considering that, there was a moment of life which she would like to share is when her business partner left. She firmly believes in strong ties in the workplace and nurtures each employee as a family member. Something like that had happened to her for the very first time and this left her devastated. Many questions arose in her mind and she even reconsidered the life choices and the ways in which she treats her employees. But then she decided to erase such doubts once and for all and keep believing in her own way and it has turned out to be successful for her.

Just like any other woman in this world, she has had her fair share of troubles and failures during the entrepreneurial career. The toughest problem as a woman entrepreneur is that she is first & foremost looked at as a woman, & then as an entrepreneur. Although there are ways to balance your time, the perception is that you could be more effective in running your business if you didn’t have to deal with kids. She personally had some trouble maintain this balance at the start, but with time and my family’s patience, she sure can tell this to all the upcoming women entrepreneurs that it’s a myth that working women cannot be great mothers and great entrepreneurs.

Now Looking ahead, the company aims to aspire to become the market leader in IP by delivering state-of-the-art services. They also yearn to be the pioneers in providing one solution to academia with respect to research and innovation through our e-Suite package. This e-Suite package research power play service has coupled our revenue, and we see a progressive growth through this offering in the future also.

“When I started out, nobody told me what direction to take. I had to make my own path. I believe that to venture on to a new beginning, what a person needs most is self-confidence. Sure, we may get inspired or influenced by the people we meet, or the stories we read, but nothing pushes you forward like the voice that comes from within, but ultimately, if you’ve to create something new, you’ve to work bottom-up with a strong vision. I believe each one of us needs to probe within. Everybody is capable and it’s your confidence that decides the path ahead. Putting that aside, there have been people who have inspired me to work hard all my life — my family, especially my parents. The idea of being a self-made woman and making a difference is what has

inspired me to begin my journey and take it this far. Although being a woman entrepreneur in India, I’ve had to face the glass ceiling along the way, I always had the confidence to get past those hurdles and carve my own niche.The way I overcame this was by making my words ‘powerful’ — I only commit to what I can do & deliver. Over time, this has become my mantra for success” states Dr. Shweta Singh

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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