“Drishti” a Brand with a Purpose”

India, the second most populated country in the world, and is known for its unique culture, ethics & art. However, the deep-rooted culture is getting lost in translation. And the women’s classes in this country are getting more and more miserable! Women Empowerment is the need of the hour

Considering their responsibilities of the family & children we are well aware of the need of empowering women. With the rapid increase in the technology & industrial growth there is a need to create an opportunity for the underprivileged, household, rural as well as semi-urban women with interest, creativity & talent. But do the youth of country really have something to say in his regards?

Yes, they do! Ms.Samruddhi Bhorkade – The founder of “Drishti”. Born in Belgaum and brought up in Maharashtra, daughter of Dr.Rajesh Bhorkade and Mrs. Sunita Bhorkade, has completed her schooling in Solapur, Maharashtra & her graduation from RLS college Belgaum, Karnataka. Presently pursuing her MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership has come up with this initiative. During her school days she was always targeted for getting less marks or not doing that good in academics. She was not only criticized by her parents but found it very difficult when she was compared with others by her own parents too. But she didn’t give up, she waited patiently for her turn while she made sure to keep thriving and improving herself! While in a conversation I remember her quoting “one should not judge themselves on their marks, but should explore themselves to their fullest potential & believe in themselves that they can become something in life”

Being in an era of social media, youngsters are just trying to follow each other or just flow with the trend. One needs to understand that the importance of self. She being the first entrepreneur from the family and only daughter was never afraid of achieving her dreams.

Being a creative person always & who always loved to break barriers in this society. She found her interest into innovation and entrepreneurship during her graduation days, that is when she started exploring entrepreneurship & and followed her passion in creativity.

Samruddhi mentions about Deshpande Foundation, Hubli that has always supported her with lot of guidance, they mainly focus on creating entrepreneurs. Deshpande Foundation is creating an ecosystem for people who like creativity, innovation and talents by becoming extra ordinary.

However, what Samruddhi mainly aims at is on empowering household women who cannot go to workplace who have interest & talent but due to many reasons cannot travel to workplace. As, she believes that focusing on ‘Women Empowerment’, empowering & investing in women is the building block for the overall development of the society. There is no limit to what we as a woman can accomplish.

“Drishti” is a brand mainly focused on giving opportunities to such women who can work from home and generate income by making their products. Drishti is working with women from Belgaum city including nearby rural household women to support them & trying to make a significant impact in their lives working for them.

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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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