Capturing love like journeys: Makrand Parab Photography

Instagram: @makrand_parab_photography

Makrand Parab is a wedding photographer, the whole and sole of Makrandparabphotography, who preserves memories by capturing those rare moments and presenting them with the touch of love and wisdom. It was his passion that drove him towards photography to shoot intimate weddings through the lens. He never planned to be a wedding photographer, it just happened when he realized shooting people’s emotions will bring happiness to him.

The photography service is based in Goregaon which is situated in the western suburbs of the Mumbai city. A wedding is full of happiness, drama, emotions, vivid colours and they mastery capturing a combination of it. They make sure that every picture holds the essence that can always make people relive those special moments with nostalgic smile when they look through their pictures even after five or ten years of wedding. They have been covering weddings since 2015 and hence had experience and knowledge required to shoot nuptial ceremonies in the best way possible. They have shot 60 weddings till now and continue to capture 20 weddings per year.

Photography is nothing but a memory an individual of a moment that he wishes to capture. But weddings are different, they are the most important thing, something people look forward to cherish it for their entire life. If your photograph shows a story which the couple after 15 years can recall then you have a perfect photograph for them, a perfect memory. To portray a story don’t just shoot the couple or an individual smiling and call it photograph, they, as a fine art wedding photographer not only capture the moment but also try to capture what emotion that person is having that moment of time. Weddings are all about emotions and fun, with a second u will lose what u just saw, you have to be quick and agile to capture them.

They have also shot weddings which were not economically grand weddings, as they know to value emotions and that everyone starts from scratch. So shooting economically doesn’t motivate Makrand. But what actually excites him is to understand the emotions, the stories of couples and their families, their struggles to convince their parents interviewing them is what he loves and getting to know new people and getting along with them motivates him the most.

What usually everyone thinks is that photography is an easy job, you just have to press one button and that’s it. But it is not that simple, it needs lots of patience, hard work and passion. Buying camera doesn’t make one a photographer it just makes you camera owner. Photographers need to show people what ordinary eyes can’t see. It is all about portraying a story.

Every wedding challenges in different ways. “It is important to us that we represent couples love story properly — at the end of the day, a photo shoot is a collaboration of many people and creative minds, and a wedding is no different. What sets us apart, perhaps, is that we approach each wedding as if it is a fashion job, wanting each wedding to look different, even if was at a venue we had worked at before. Another thing that we see as strength is that we can be comfortable in most situations, and can really think on our feet. We actually specialise in art weddings so the change of scenery is a great challenge and gets us really excited — I love learning about and celebrating other cultures weddings.”




Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : IG: @musingquills

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