Aristoma – Simple, meaningful and Scalable.

Brief us about your establishment? When
and how did the idea of concocting this
strike you?
Having worked in Delhi across global brands and for more than a decade across agencies and client-side a point came where I started feeling compartmentalized as I was not able to utilize my full potential for the brand. This was around the end of 2017. This was the exact moment I decided to open my own venture and dedicate my life to storytelling and helping brands meeting the milestones. So this was my life-changing moment when I decided to start my venture at the Heart of India, my hometown and rising city – Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I identified a digital-only agency that was running for 2 years but was about to shut as the founder was getting into some other venture. So, I took over the agency in Aug’18 and transformed Aristoma from a digital-only agency to 360-degree marketing incubation agency which now offers – Brand consultancy, Media planning, Market research, Digital Marketing, Creative designing, Animation, Content marketing, Celebrity management, Influencer management, App/web development to name a few.

Instituting new ventures is never a trouble-free task. Narrate the initiation story of your company. What challenges has the company encountered so far and how did you overcome them?

Honestly, it was and it is more difficult than I had ever imagined. The single biggest task which I have to deliver daily is “how do I keep my team motivated and engaged with the brand’s core values and future ambition on which they are working so that we deliver on the commitments made to our clients. Few simple things we do to ensure this runs on track are:

Different morning meetings: Here we don’t discuss the laundry list of task. We only identify 3 things/tasks of three different brands for each one of us which we identify and commit that this will be the best of my work today. What it does is – it challenges each one of us daily to give our best on focused things only, rather than chasing weekly, monthly & yearly goals. We make daily goals and go for it full hog and Each client gets the best work daily so the expectation and commitment which we have made during our handshakes are met on a daily basis.

The simple daily Learning curve from life – we keep on experimenting on this piece – e.g. on any random night I drop a text in our workgroup to my colleagues: Think about a perfect sunset picture composition and share that next morning with everyone on why this is a unique sunset composition and the best one. This seems to be a very simple, crazy, stupid thing. But, let me unfold this piece for you: It is actually a mental stimulus to come out of brand work, daily personal tasks and official tasks. This helps in thinking and observe things which we generally miss in daily life. This also teaches the salesmanship as the same piece of work is being sold/presented differently by each team member. This helps them in learning how to put across work and thought that really sells rationally.

Being one of the substantial and fastest-growing companies. What are the efforts adopted by the company to maintain sustainability in the market?

We are known for the following things which are helping us grow disproportionately:

Keeping things simple, meaningful and scalable: In this market, people are not too aware of the latest marketing tools, techniques and jargon. So, we are helping them learning these things and making everything quantifiable in terms of our commitments which actually is helping us gain the trust of clients.

Most experienced & trustworthy team: We proudly represent our self as the most experienced & trustworthy team available for brands. Why we say so – Because we are roping in two sets of talents – 15+ years of work experience in local market or PG in advertising/mass communication/MBA from a renowned institute and currently working in metros. We give them an open canvas to paint the story for a brand that achieves the tangible growth story for both.

Would like to specifically mention about our growth drivers:

Rajesh Sahu – Creative head of our company who ensures quality meets the timeline and brand objectives.

Neerja Jain – Jr. Graphic designer – The go-getter & modern age catalyst who keep brands and people of our agency enough engaged to think out of the box and always answer WHY before WHAT.

Phalguni Sarkar – Content writer – Miss perfectionist is the only word for her.

Kamran Khan – Client servicing head – Jack of all trade who is really a blue-eyed boy for all clients as he is the man who keeps the show running come what may!

Dr. Gaivee Vinam Meshram – My wife, who leads HR & admin. She is actually the spine of our business who ensure YOU comes before WE in every decision we make.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Meshram – My partner and Father, who leads finance and is my mentor to keep me focused on set targets.

How has been the growth story of the company in terms of revenue, clients, investors and geographical presence? What is the workforce strength like now as compared to earlier?

When I took over the company it was almost at the closing stage and last FY from zero we have scaled it to 19 lacs turnover in my first year. This year to date we have already crossed 22 lacs of turnover and expecting it to touch 35lacs turnover by the end of this FY. In terms of clients – we have managed to cross geography as well. We have been catering to brands like Diesel, CII, CREDAI, Sportsmate, Whitecaps, Amicus, Techment, Aarti Infra, Goldbricks to name a few. We are 7 mavens who are working full time and there are 10 affiliates across Delhi & Mumbai who get roped in to deliver specific tasks for specific clients.

What is the roadmap ahead? How is the company gearing up for the same?

Road ahead is really tough as we have to upgrade the ecosystem to grow disproportionately. We are focusing on yield per client rather than client counts. This is how we will be able to create the required pull and command premium and create a niche for ourselves. Content IPs creation & product development are two big areas where we are investing our time and investment. Hopefully, by next year, we will be ready to roll out these which will have national impact.

There are many aspirants who intend to start something of their own. What is your message to them?
My suggestion would be the following:

Listen to your heart and make your mind work for your heart & If your fear is that whether you will be able to succeed or not, then my suggestion is you just think that you have lost everything and at that very moment you have eliminated the chances of failure and whatever you do now, you will only win and every step will be move towards your dream project.

Be a problem solver and believe in yourself & believe in your dream as no one else would if you can’t.

Source:The Intellectual Indian



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