And she chose the other road -Anzila

“two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” ~ Robert Frost.

‘how stupid it would be of someone to do engineering and then start some fashion blog’ ‘she should really focus on the right things’ is all that she could hear all along, from the day she decided to choose a path dreamt by many, tried by a few and achieved by only those who didn’t give up.

Anzila Naznin, a known fashion lifestyle blogger and also Computer Engineer, who is elected as the Community Head of NorthEast for MARSPLAY and has successfully worked with brands like FBB, RELIANCE TRENDS, DANIEL KLEIN , UPTOWNIE , REGAL SHOES , MAC, GLAM AND GLOW ,SMASHBOX , NYKAA, HIMALAYA, AMERICAN EAGLE, FOREVER NEW, AMANTEE, FOREVER21, etc. And has also inspired many to take the path less traveled, for it shall lead you to all that you ever dreamt of.

And it would have been a surprise then, if she wouldn’t choose fashion as her career.

Anzila has been a fashion freak since her childhood. She would always find her utmost joys in trying her mother’s clothes or her sister’s heels, to wear makeup, jewelry and adorn herself with all the fashion items. She also wished to walk over a ramp as a kid. But all along although she knew what she craved for, but was unaware of any such platform existing that would help her nurture the dream in the best way possible.

She did make the inspiration last long enough.

For her love for fashion and the ingenuity that she found in her role models, Sejal Kumar and Komal Pandey did last long enough for her to overcome all the hitches and build this successful blog.

Choose your mirrors wisely, is what they say and Anzila was just very lucky with the people around her. Be it her family who supported her in every walk of her life or her friend’s cum blog partners, Pallabi and Bohni sikha who helped her with the difficulties while starting this blog. To add to the list of their achievements, there is a successful youtube channel having 1k+ subscribers called “Indie Prep Girls” run by Anzila and her friends.

Anzila shared a wave of positivity, for all the aspiring teens, She said, to not to lose hope. For one never knows what tomorrow may bring. Rather than losing hope and giving, we must choose to pick ourselves, brush off and continue moving towards achieving our dreams with hope. None of us are immune from falling into difficult times, but we should keep working as today’s hard work and determination will pay you tomorrow.

Readers, I hope you read my story and have loved it, I shall strive to continue giving my best to keep you updated with this industry, says Anzila.


It is always a tough choice to pick passion over what you have been doing all this while. And with the struggles, you always need to face the unavoidable criticism from the unexpected people. But Anzila showed us, why it is important to take a chance even if there is 1% hope and what difference it makes to be brave and choose the road that is less traveled.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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