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“It was about an unreached note, the quest was to walk on the same path but a different lane, maybe it was just to show all the sanes what it is to be insane”

Tiered by adventure, travel, outdoor and Photography, Mr.Satya aka Mr.Phenomenal Diaries is known for his captures that are punctuated by arcane, which depicts the soul of the ordinary. Through social media, he strives to share his vision with millions of people and to inspire them to explore for themselves.

It all started with a travel, the journey that turned his life, for it brought him a step closer to what he longed. Never did his lifestyle had given him a chance to even consider Travel Photography or even anything close as a profession. All he ever wanted to do was to be the change that he wished to see in the society. But this travel of his, made him realize that it was not a necessity to walk the same path. He then knew what he wanted from life.

The professional and personal agenda of Mr. Phenomenal is a result of a process. From traveling to capture the imbibed soul to the stories that are put on your plate, it’s all planned. He travels because it helps him to get to meet new people, know their stories. He doesn’t only capture the world but makes it sure to annex little bit of his philosophy and thoughts into it. And then he narrates the situation that helps us understand the lives of the ordinary and the problems they come across. But a few clicks are also, just to bare the soulful beauty of the unseen, to the unknown.

For us to understand this process, we need to get to the bits of his passion. His plan starts with the selection of the state he wants to visit and then he makes a note of all districts in that state. He collects the necessary information from various websites and sources about each district, which include the destinations, lifestyle, culture, and tradition, languages, history, etc. With the final list, he also makes custom Maps and the to-do list of the day. He tries to focus on selecting the places that need social help and manages to bring into view, the social issues at the places he visits. He evaluates the measures that can be taken for the betterment of the situation.

His Recent Project was #Missionsouthindia, traveling throughout South India, 6 States, 98 Districts, 550 destinations exploring all in 110 days which would take 25,500 Km on the road and it started on September 14, 2019, So far he had explored 4 states Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa in 67 days exploring 367 destinations which took him around 13,000 km. But due to the sudden death of his father he had to stop it.

He is currently working on publishing books of all the states he visited, making it a guide for the people whoever wishes to visit the place. His books will strive to provide all the necessary information required to visit the destinations along with some Phenomenal photos of that place. The guide will also be an eye to the soul of the world and to those once in lifetime places that are now endangered due to human negligence. “There are a lot of Man-Made and nature created wonders which cannot be recreated so we should protect them for future generations. And without knowing the importance of the place we can’t spread the awareness about the need to save them. So I am trying my bits to show the world how incredible and inimitable are the places, that we need to nurture” says Satya.

But like said nothing great comes easy, Everything with this profession was a challenge, something one cannot deny to be full of complexity, from waking up even before the sun to capture it soar to driving to places even without knowing what they hid behind the warmth. Some locations were too tough to reach and after all that he goes through he still needs to have a calm and focused mind to capture and compose some phenomenal shots by enjoying the experience.

After his first Tamilnadu journey in which he explored 149 destinations in 32 districts in 31 days which took him around 7000 km on Royal Enfield. He shot everything in Mobile Phone ‘Google Pixel 2xl’ when he returned and shared the experiences with his mother, she was overwhelmed that she could visit all the places without really traveling to all those places and that reaction was the icing on his cake, that made him think about other people who cannot travel but want to experience the world, so now with his focus being on the social issues and the Travel guide he also had a heartfelt reason to click.

So to sum up, he is simply an unbelievable fighter, who chose to rise above everything. “There is no such time as Right/Wrong, it is always right time to do the right thing, and it is important to enjoy the process of becoming who you want to be. You might feel low sometimes, you might not get the results you want but don’t give up. Keep working and believing in yourself. You might think other Photographers or anyone whom you are looking up to in your craft got it easy or they are lucky, but trust me they are not, everyone has worked passionately dedicating their life for the craft they believed in, but when you see their life now, you will only see the wonderful lifestyle but not the work that they have done to get there, get inspired by people but work for your process, for only that shall matter at the end” – MrphenomenalDiaries.

Source: The Intellectual Indian



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