“Drishti” a Brand with a Purpose”

India, the second most populated country in the world, and is known for its unique culture, ethics & art. However, the deep-rooted culture is getting lost in translation. And the women’s classes in this country are getting more and more miserable! …

She shares smiles and a little confidence! – Muskan Khan

Instagram: @muskankhanmua

Beauty overwhelms eyes, reaches the soul, and speaks for your heart, and if you look beautiful then you feel beautiful! And feeling beautiful can give you great confidence. …

She painted her dream to life.

Instagram: @makeupbypavani

When you are a child you never think that your favourite childhood game will turn and end up being your career. Every girl plays and dresses up her dolls, sometimes even sneaking her mom’s favourite and expensive make up, just to make…

Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

Editor| Writing is both my passion and hobby. For content writing services visit website : https://musingquills.com/ IG: @musingquills @write.eat.love.smile

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